Sacrificing iPhone users experience to spite Android users was the wrong move.

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I don’t usually keep up with tech battles in court. The Epic versus Apple case is interesting, though, and since so many podcasts bring it up, it is hard not to be somewhat aware. Once the trial starts, there will be more to share, which I will then be informed of but do not seek to learn more. I don’t care all that much.

What I do care about, though, are things that come out of the trials discovery phase. I remember when the Samsung versus Apple trial was going on and how much news came out of all the…

Launching apps with widgets on iOS is no good.

An iPhone homescreen is personal. Some people set it and forget it. While others are constantly customizing and changing how it is set up. I am in the latter group, but instead of constant change, I am always thinking about how my homescreen can serve me better.

Phones today are very important, it is with at all times and is just as essential as a wallet or purse. So the setup should do nothing less than work for you, not the other way around. I put a lot of expectations on my phone, providing me things I need. …

Trying out Amazon’s best Kindle e-reader.

Kindle Oasis on a fabric background.
Kindle Oasis on a fabric background.
Kindle Oasis.

After moving to ebooks from physical books about four years ago, my Kindle ebooks and Audible audiobooks library has grown to over 200 ebooks and over 100 audiobooks. I have not read or listened to them all, nor is this anywhere close to others with massive libraries, but due to the amount that I have aqcuired over the years it is hard to leave the ecosystem.

Amazon has made it easy, though, to continue buying Kindle ebooks and Audible audiobooks by providing access to all of my purchases on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This is the main reason I…

My new unhealthy habit of consuming too much of something before doing it again with another type of content.

Now that we are all are living in the era of the internet surrounding everything in our lives. It is not surprising that entertainment and social media are the most robust when it comes to variety and binge-worthy content. Swiping through my Twitter feed or TikTok videos can feel endless, and Showtime autoplaying the next episode of Billions creates a continuous watching experience.

This provides positives and negatives. Positives in that we no longer can complain that we are bored. I remember as a kid laying down on the carpet in my living room with my brother bored out of…

With the hope of being in public again, these will be my essential carried items.

My current everday carry; Rayban Sunglasses, iPhone 12 and wallet, Distil KeyLoop, Apple Watch Series 5, Aer Mask, and Airpods.
My current everday carry; Rayban Sunglasses, iPhone 12 and wallet, Distil KeyLoop, Apple Watch Series 5, Aer Mask, and Airpods.
My current everday carry.

We are far from out of the woods yet, but with vaccines rolling out and seeing my friends and family getting their shots, I am starting to get a glimpse of a future where I can begin to see people again — possibly even see their full faces too.

There is still a lot to do, and rushing things will not make it better, but even my workplace is starting to talk more about bringing us back to the office in waves. …

Five simple utilities that make my Mac that much better.

MacBook Air with my five favorite utilites displayed on the desktop at one time.
MacBook Air with my five favorite utilites displayed on the desktop at one time.
MacBook Air with my five favorite utilites.

I like to write about hardware a lot, like laptops, headphones, or even pens and notebooks. What I don’t talk about enough are applications or tools that I use on those pieces of hardware.

I have been using a Mac for almost ten years now, besides the times in-between where I used iPads full-time. Over that time, I have picked up on a few tools, utilities, and apps that I like to use regularly.

For this post, I would like to go over the utilities that I use. Ones that are immediately reinstalled on any new MacBook. Some of these…

Amazon’s robust ecosystem outweighs any concerns of having them in my home.

Every time I thought about buying a house, I always envisioned transforming it into a smart-gadget filled home. Now that it is 2021, many smart devices are now available and much cheaper than they were even 5–10 years ago.

While existing in Apple’s ecosystem quite comfortably with an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and AirPods, it would make sense to assume that I would have Homekit compatible devices throughout my house, but this is not the case.

There are many Homekit compatible devices to choose from, and more are coming out each day, yet I decided to go with Amazon…

Closing all rings are preferred but challenging to maintain.

Apple Watch Series 5 on wrist showing the Activty Ring watch face, all rings are not complete.
Apple Watch Series 5 on wrist showing the Activty Ring watch face, all rings are not complete.
Photo by author.

This year I have decided will be the “Year of Health.” This was the yearly theme I decided on and described in more detail in this post. So far, it has been a rough but good couple of months. Have I made a ton of progress in weight loss, exercise, better meal options, etc.? Yes and no.

However, what has been working is my constant reminder of being better about my health, which helps me stay on track in choosing better options for food or using some free time for a long walk or run. …

After two months of using one of the new Apple Silicon equipped Macs.

I have continued to praise the MacBook Air with the M1 processor in multiple posts since I got it in November last year. Initially concerned that not having Intel would create some issue with using it for my day job, it has actually become a perfect machine to use for work primarily because of the workaround I found in using Microsoft Remote Desktop instead of running Windows.

Before I explain why I find this MacBook so appealing, I want to touch on using macOS full time again after using iPadOS exclusively for many months. It is funny that when I…

The Podcast App that just makes sense.

Every year when I get an email from Apple that a subscription for one of my apps is coming up for renewal, I like to rethink and reevaluate if the app is worth me continuing my subscription. Some of them are a no brainer to renew, like Ulysses and 1Password, but some have me struggling to stick with, like my favorite Podcast app.

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