Doing Too Much At Once

Odds are, you will end up spilling your cold brew.

Paul Alvarez
4 min readOct 2, 2019


There are times where I feel it is my responsibility to do everything. Not only getting everything done but to also hit a self-created deadline that no one is holding against me.

The other day while at work, right before lunch, I made a list of things I wanted to get done at home during my one hour break. Since I had a haircut that evening, I knew that I was going to be home late, so I wanted to help my wife with dinner preparations and other chores so she, nor I, had to worry about them after our long days at work.

Here is a glimpse of my to-do list for lunch:

Then I decided “what the hell, I have a whole hour!” so I added more to my list, which included:

Generally, for me, this is a shortlist of todos. But for my lunch hour, I was pushing it. Which isn’t a surprise to what happened next.

After playing with the cats for about 10 minutes, I set up the Instapot to cook the quinoa. As that was going, I started to filter out the cold brew from the fridge while cleaning the kitchen. The kitchen was clean about the same time as the cold brew was done filtering, so I washed my hands, and without drying them, poured the filtered cold brew into its glass bottle for the fridge.

I popped the top of the bottle closed, picked it up off the counter, turning to walk towards the fridge when it slipped out of my hands and shattered onto the floor.

Large glass shards, tiny glass shards, and 32 ounces of delicious cold brew covered my entire kitchen floor. It was a mess.

Not only did I get to work late, but I also destroyed my favorite bottle I used for cold brew. I also lost 32 ounces of delicious, 18-hour brewed, chilled coffee that I was looking forward to drinking that next morning.



Paul Alvarez

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